Binance Mining Pool Reports its First Bitcoin Block - Amps ...

BCHN vs ABC in numbers : there's a clear winner.

I've breakdown the data in Four sets : pool support, companies/organisations support, infrastructure, futures price. I’ll update the data based on your comments - as I probably forgot some key players - so it is the most accurate !
Pools signaling BCHN : : :
Binance :
Huobi :
P2Pool :
Hashpipe :
Easy2mine :
Viabtc* :
Okex :
Pools signaling ABC :
Viabtc* :
Conclusion :
BCHN hash signaled : Around 64%
ABC hash signaled : Around 5%
Hash unsignaled : Around 31% (mainly Jihan Wu with Antpool & pools)
*ViaBTC said they were going to support the 2 implementations and once asked to clarify, stated that ABC would be the default implementation for the miners in their pool (I divided the hashrate by 2 regarding Viabtc to obtain the hash signaled numbers).
Companies/organisations signaling BCHN :
All other node implementations : BU, BCHD, Bitcoin Verde, Knuth :
Readcash :
Membercash :
Mainnet : :
SLP foundation :
Coinex** :
Lazyfox :
Companies/organisations signaling ABC :
Coinex** :
**Haipo Yang stated that he would support both coins.
Conclusion :
BCHN : More than 10 companies/organisations
ABC : 1 company
fulcrum (electrum server that electron and others depend on)
electrs (electrum server that electron and others depend on)
crescent wallet
all electrum servers for electron
cash accounts infrastructure
infrastructure run by im_uname
slp infrastructure
General Protocols' BCH Price Oracle, smart contract redemption services
Electrum Cash
HonkHonk :
BCHN : 288$
ABC : 29$
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Binance.US looks to be far more limited than regular Binance, with only Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Tether trading available to start. Further, Binance.US will require identification information to sign up in order to comply with regulations. AntPool verbrennt 12 Prozent der Transaktionsgebühren in Bitcoin Cash, um das Netzwerk wertvoller zu machen. Tun sie dies wirklich für das Allgemeinwohl oder steht eventuell mehr dahinter? BTC-ECHO . Krypto handeln $ $ $ $ $ 406.66 B $ BTC 13,530.06 $-1.06%. ETH 385.53 $-0.20%. BCH 258.52 $-0.91%. XRP 0.237253 $-0.49%. MIOTA 0.249041 $ 0.14%. LINK 11.21 $ 1.06%. ADA 0.095745 $ 2.76%. NEU ... Some of the miners that support BCHN include Binance, AntPool, SBI Crypto,, OKEx,, Huobi and others. Data from Coin Dance shows a sharp increase in the BCHN blocks after the update release by Bitcoin ABC. As of writing, BCHN blocks were 541 in the last 1000 blocks. Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) & Bitcoin SV (BCH) (November 2018 - December 2019) 2.1 Efficient resource allocation theory. According to Binance Research, the mining allocation problem can be referred to as a problem of efficient resource allocation, from the perspective of participants in the Bitcoin mining industry: SHA-256 (ASIC) miners. Height Age Miner Size (kB) 651511: 1 minute ago: Binance: 45.74: 651510: 9 minutes ago: AntPool: 14.18: 651509: 11 minutes ago: Unknown: 3.80: 651508: 11 minutes ago ... Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has apologized for causing concern among the crypto community when he openly spoke about the possibility of a rollback for the Bitcoin blockchain following confirmation of a hack leading to the theft of USD 40 million worth of bitcoins on its platform.. The rollback had caused a sharp backlash, particularly among Bitcoin-only communities, aghast at the very concept ... Entweder der Binance-Boss ist sich nicht bewusst, welchen technischen Aufwand eine Neuorganisation der Blockchain bedeutet oder er überschätzt hier die Wichtigkeit seines Unternehmens maßlos. Keine Frage, Binance zählt zu einer der größten Börsen des Krypto-Ökosystems. Doch wegen des Diebstahls von 7.000 Bitcoin eine Reorganisation der ... Height Age Miner Size (kB) 660451: 32 minutes ago: AntPool: 17.27: 660450: 34 minutes ago: 88.45: 660449: 39 minutes ago: Binance: 8.98: 660448: 41 minutes ... First Mined Block at Binance . Currently, the average mining fees on popular mining pools is around 0-4%, it varies according to the mining rewards and payment schedule. Currently, the distribution in mining pools is led by F2Pool,, Poolin and AntPool. Bitcoin Mining Pool Hashrate Distribution

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